Anna Marie’s journey with NLN Castlerea

26 April 2022

Anna Marie’s journey with NLN Castlerea “I’m doing the Links course at NLN Castlerea. It’s...

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A Piece on Autism and Neurodiversity

2 April 2022

A Piece on Autism and Neurodiversity So many neuro-typical people minimise the lived experience of...

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Domhnall publishes his autobiography

17 June 2021

Domhnall Flynn, from RehabCare Dundalk, spent the past year putting pen to paper, and has...

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Living with a disability in a pandemic

3 June 2021

Living with a disability in a pandemic James Rickard James Rickard has Cerebral...

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Working From Home

1 June 2021

Working From Home Looking back on my diary from this time last month it’s amazing...

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Autism and the Coronavirus

21 May 2021

John McCraith Autism Specialist, National Learning Network, Waterford Here at the Rehab Group we are passionate about...

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Interview with a Jobstart Programme student

14 May 2021

The Jobstart Instructor asked a number of questions to Lorraine about her experience since joining...

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Dedication within our Residential Services

7 May 2021

My role as a residential service manager began in September 2019 and a few short...

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My NLN Experience during Covid19

6 May 2021

John is a student from NLN Castlebar, and here he tells us of how NLN...

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There’s always a second chance

5 May 2021

‘There’s always a second chance’  Chloe Daly from NLN Limerick felt she would never get...

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RehabCare has been a big part of my life

4 May 2021

‘RehabCare has been a big part of my life ‘ Josephine, RehabCare Kildare ‘I live...

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Joseph’s experience of NLN

3 May 2021

Joseph, a student at NLN Castlebar, writes about the benefits of NLN for his mental...

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Tracy’s story

28 April 2021

Tracy is an advocate and volunteer. She attends RehabCare Blennerville and lives in RehabCare accommodation...

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Patrick thrives in his career

26 April 2021

Patrick is taking strides in his career after an ICT course at National Learning Network...

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Kathy’s journey with An Gaisce

25 April 2021

The staff of NLN Portlaoise are so proud of previous student, Kathy Seale. Whilst Kathy attended the Transition programme,...

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I have my life back and I can plan for my future

21 April 2021

‘I have my life back and I can plan for my future’  Joseph Molloy suffered a debilitating...

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I am proof that the training does work

20 April 2021

Wendy, NLN Navan  ‘Before my accident, I had the perfect life. And I have the perfect...

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Trish’s incredible story of transformation

15 April 2021

Trish Moran is a fitness instructor and a former NLN Castlebar student. This is her incredible...

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Coronavirus information

10 April 2021

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