‘There’s always a second chance’ 

Chloe Daly from NLN Limerick felt she would never get a job – now she’s well on her way to a career in childcare. Read how NLN helped her on her journey and click here to find out about courses in NLN Limerick.


My name’s Chloe, I live in Limerick, I’m doing the Employer Based Training programme at NLN Raheen. Before lockdown, I was doing my work placement in a crèche, looking after the babies. The staff have been training me in. It’s thanks to the National Learning Network that I got interested in a career in childcare. When I first started at NLN, I tried different types of work experience, and then the instructors asked would I try working at a crèche? I started working there and something just clicked within me! It can be sometimes very tough work; the kids could have a good day or a more difficult day, it really depends. I would like to work in a crèche in the future, but really, I would like to move on and become a Special Needs Assistant. There is a Level 6 that I could do for that job, so I’ll stick with NLN until I’m ready to move to further education. When I first went to NLN, I know there are very good vibes, they are very supportive. They motivate you to be the best you can be.
Back when I was finishing school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I didn’t think I would ever get a job. Then I do a trial week at NLN. At home, they asked me if I liked it in there, and I said I did, I wanted to start there in September. For anyone leaving school, they should consider NLN, it’s brilliant. A few students from my old school started with me in NLN, but I made some new friends too, we all mixed well together. I was glad I found it. And for anyone who didn’t finish school, I would tell them to try NLN, there’s always a second chance. I believe in second chances. Since I’ve been with NLN, it has changed my life in a good way. Before, I didn’t think I would ever get a job but now I believe that I will and that I can do lots of things. When I left school, I had a certain kind of attitude, but the instructors in NLN changed that for me.