Newgrove Housing Association

Newgrove Housing Association is a registered ‘Approved Housing Body’ which was set up in 1999 to provide homes for people with disabilities. We provide this service in more than 50 locations throughout Ireland.

Newgrove is built on the philosophy that everybody has the right to good quality housing that meets their needs for as long as they choose to remain in our properties. We believe in particular that people with disabilities need a home where they can feel safe and secure and which allows them to live in and be part of their own communities.

Tenants in our group homes have their own bedrooms and share the common facilities in the houses and avail of on-site support care services from RehabCare. We also provide ‘own-door’ independent living units for tenants who do not require on-site care support.

Newgrove provides all of the services to maintain the homes in excellent condition ensuring that they are safe and secure and that they meet the needs of each individual tenant throughout the period of their tenancy.

Accommodation is provided in Group Homes with on-site support services, independent accommodation units within a group home setting, also an accommodation service for persons with Autism with high support services

Happy mixed race deaf couple using sign language for communication at home sit on sofa, interracial hearing impaired disabled man and woman showing hand gestures as finger speech concept

Newgrove supports people in more than 50 locations around the country. 

These are the words of our service users living in their new homes. 

You feel more independent here”.


“Great, you do your own thing”.


We have a list, a budget sheet. I pick up my pension in the post office on a Thursday, I pay my rent into the bank, I pay for the shopping here”.

 “I like my independence. They help me here to become as independent as I can. My goal this year is to move on further to another apartment I like company, I want to learn how to budget money”                             

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