About Employability and Social Enterprises

Our Social Enterprises offer dynamic business solutions to companies and commercial organisations. As Ireland’s largest single employer of people with disabilities we work with a range of public and private sector partners in providing dynamic business solutions. 

Officially launched in 1994 with a mission to provide sustainable employment in a range of different businesses based around Ireland, today its activities reflect our changed society and economy offering information security management, recycling, high-tech logistics and retail. The mission of Employability and Social Enterprises is to provide sustainable employment for people with a disability.

Unique model of employment

It operates a unique integrated model of employment, where employees with disabilities work alongside employees without disabilities across a number of sectors and employs 300 people, approximately fifty per cent of whom have a disability. Our Social Enterprises deliver a wide range of high quality services to customers throughout Ireland, including SMEs, and a range of blue-chip large indigenous and multinational companies.

Equal opportunities employer

Employability and Social Enterprise is an equal opportunities employer. We believe that our people are by far our greatest assets. Our staff are totally committed to providing a fast, friendly and extremely high quality service.  Working with us helps companies to achieve their Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

Our Social Enterprises have striven to be a sustainable employer of people with disabilities, while providing value to our customers. We deliver something more than just a service to our customers. We supply people with meaningful employment when their opportunities in life were possibly limited.  This benefits not only them, their health and outlook on life, but it also benefits their families, friends and ultimately society.  That should be a strong motivation to existing and potential customers when combined with the varied range of quality products and services and excellent solutions for our customers.

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