‘RehabCare has been a big part of my life ‘ Josephine, RehabCare Kildare


‘I live in Kildare town and I go to RehabCare in Kildare; I’ve been with Rehab for 33 years.

I was a slow learner at school. When I got to 3rd class, there were a big number of students and I was a bit left behind. It was tough. A few years after school, a Social Worker contacted me about starting in Rehab Enterprises; I worked there for years and years and I really enjoyed it, making boiler suits and even printing on horse rosettes. In 2002, I went to the RehabCare Resource centre. I missed the work in the beginning but the staff kept supporting me as I moved there; they always do. In the Resource centre, we do different programmes, we get to choose the timetable, and the staff then help us with the timetables. We, the service users, we get a good choice and we make the decisions. The centre is full of colour, lots of paintings and photos on the walls. We go out into the community too – coffee mornings, walks. Staff supported me when we started going out in the community but over time, I became independent and could go out myself and that’s a good thing.

With the Covid10 restrictions, the centre has been closed, and I’m looking forward to going back. Sinead, my key worker, she has been very good. She keeps in touch with me during the week. She gives me a video call to see how I’m doing and what I’ve been up to. I go out for a socially-distanced walk with the staff and I sometimes go up to the Church to light a candle. We get a weekly newsletter from the centre, with word searches and mindful colouring activities. I’ve been following the Rehab Facebook page and it’s great to see all the different people from all the different centres around the country.

What I miss most about the centre is seeing my friends and getting back into a daily routine. Emer is the manager there, she’s lovely. I’ve had lots of great staff over the years and the team we have now are a good bunch. I would talk to the staff if I was worried about anything personally.

My confidence has built up from going to RehabCare. I was on the local Rehab Advocacy Committee in the centre for years, and if anyone had any worries or issues, it was my job to speak on their behalf. I would be good at helping out other people. If I didn’t have RehabCare, life would be totally different, I don’t know what I’d do. Over 30 odd years, it’s been a big part of my life. They look after me and lots of other people too’.