Our accreditations

At Rehab Recycle, we are committed to adhering to all relevant legislation and environmental standards.

All our facilities operate with the appropriate licenses and permits and are audited on a regular basis.


Multi Regional Waste Collection Permit no: NWCPO-10-01257-03

TFS Brokers Certificate: G036/12/21


Confidential Shredding

ISO 9001: IE04/61740

ISO 14001: IE13/81297

Waste Facility Permit no: WFP-DC-11-0025-01

Ballymount – Facility currently closed

Waste Facility Permit no: WFP-DS-11-0008-06


Waste Facility Permit no: WFP-DS-10-0008-06

ISO 9001: IE08/66431

ISO 14001: IE08/66432

OHSAS 18001: IE08/66433


Waste Facility Permit no: WFP-CC-32-2020-01

ISO 9001: IE04/61740

ISO 14001: IE13/81297


Waste Facility Permit no: COR-G-19-0003-01

ISO 9001: IE07/66326

ISO 14001: IE07/66327

ISO 45001: IE13/81310

Electronic Asset Management
Waste Permit

Related file(s)

Waste Collection Permit – Rehab EnterprisesPDF | 1.43MB

RRBallyfermotCorkISO14001PDF | 110KB

RRBallyfermotCorkISO9001PDF | 111KB

RR-Tallaght-OHSAS-CertificatePDF | 289KB

RR-Tallaght-ISO-14001-CertificatePDF | 302KB

RR-Tallaght-ISO-9001-CertificatePDF | 297KB

Rehab-Recycle-Galway-ISO-45001-2018PDF | 476KB

RR-Galway-ISO-14001-2015PDF | 458KB

RR-Galway-ISO-9001-2015PDF | 458KB

Rehab-Enterprises-Limited-(1)PDF | 917KB

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