Patrick is taking strides in his career after an ICT course at National Learning Network and now works for Woodies in Cavan.

Read his story below and check out National Learning Network Cavan to find out more information.


‘After working in Tesco for 24 years, I took voluntary redundancy along with a lot of other staff. Then I saw an ad about National Learning Network in Cavan in the local paper. I contacted Mary and everything just went from there. I needed some support to build up my confidence and get used to doing job interviews again. I wanted to get more computer skills too, so I joined the ICT course. They taught us Excel, Word, PowerPoint, lots of new computer skills. We did mock job interviews too, and that was very helpful for me. The people there, the instructors, are really great. I do photography on the weekend. The ICT course taught me some new digital media skills, and it helped with my photography as well. We also learned how to set up a website. 

The instructors gave me support when I was going out to look for a job. I think it was only for them that I have a job now. Mary went out of her way to help everyone, to find work experience and to help us apply for jobs. I have a job now working in Woodies in Cavan, as a general assistant, and although I already had a background in retail, the new office and IT skills that I learned in NLN have been very important. I needed the computer literacy. 
The staff in Woodies were very helpful and welcoming. During the Covid-19 lockdown, we were still working there, working behind the scenes, it was busy. I’m there nearly a year now. I mostly work on the shop floor, with the customers, helping and giving advice, in hardware and paint mixing. I like dealing with people. It’s a great company to work for, I’m happy and proud to work there. I can really say that the NLN course was very worthwhile and it was a great experience, getting to learn about things that I didn’t know how to do before’.