Rehab Group Climate Action Roadmap

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Climate Action Roadmap

The Government’s Climate Action Plan sets out objectives to reduce Ireland’s carbon emissions. The Plan outlines the leadership role organisations such as Rehab can play in:

  • Taking early action on climate
  • Achieving our decarbonisation goals
  • Using best practice in taking climate action

In April 2023 the Rehab Group Board and CEO approved the Rehab Group Climate Action Roadmap 2023. The Map outlines Rehab’s approach to how we will contribute to the targets set out in the Government’s Climate Action Plan. The government targets are:

  • a 51% absolute reduction in energy related Green House Gas emissions.
  • a 50% energy efficiency improvement by 2030
  • to achieve net zero no later than 2050

The Group Roadmap outlines the work we have completed to date and our approach to how we will continue to reduce our carbon emissions going forward.

The Group strategic plan Delivering our Future, reinforces our commitment to sustainability in recognition that we are a large employer and provider of services nationally and there is scope for us to reduce our overall environmental impact. The strategy sets out our energy and sustainability targets. You can read our Group Strategy here .

The Rehab Group Climate Action Roadmap can be downloaded here