Submission on Initial State Report UNCRPD

Rehab Group held a number of consultative focus groups with our National and Regional Advocacy Committees and our new Advocacy Collective to ensure our submission to the Initial State Report, UNCRPD was based on real lived experiences of people with disabilities.

To view an animated video of our submission, click here:

You can read our submission here

You can read our Easy to Read submission here

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To access an animated video of the articles individually, please refer to the list below:

Article 9 – Accessibility: Buildings and Services 
Article 9 – Accessibility: Technology
Article 9 – Accessibility: Physical Environment
Article 9 – Accessibility: Transport
Article 19 – Living Independently and Being Included in the Community
Article 21 – Freedom of Expression, Opinion and Access to Information
Article 24 – Education
Article 25 – Health
Article 27 – Work and Employment