Five-year strategy; – Delivering Our Future

Rehab Group has a proud 70-year history of working to break down the barriers that prevent people with disabilities from living ordinary lives in their communities. Through these decades of work, many thousands of people have seen their lives transform, achieving levels of independence, educational attainment and career progression that may have seemed out of reach.

Our strategy charts the next five years of our journey. It was created following hundreds of hours of engaging and listening to key stakeholders, our service users, families, employees, funders, customers and community partners. We wanted to ensure that the experiences and future needs of the people who use, work in and engage with our services influence our future direction.

You can watch a short video about our strategy HERE

It is a bold, innovative and ambitious plan which sees us commit to the highest attainable standard of care, training and employment opportunities for people who need support to become truly independent.

Many people living with disabilities experienced the hardships of the pandemic disproportionately, facing increased isolation and challenge whilst also displaying trademark resilience and adaptability. We need to work harder than ever to ensure people with disabilities are not left behind as society struggles to get back on its feet. We commit to being disruptors in every space still encumbered by obstacles and challenges for the people we support.

Our overall strategic aim is to have a more significant impact and bring about real and meaningful change to the lives of the people who use our services. By working together on this dynamic plan, we commit to delivering a better future for all.

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