Who Cares? on the crisis facing the independent not-for-profit sector

A research report commissioned by the Rehab Group called Who Cares? on the crisis facing the independent not-for-profit sector, published in 2018

Why did the Rehab Group commission this report?

To map the challenges currently faced by the not-for-profit sector and to make recommendations for a sustainable future, a future where we can bring our considerable expertise to the table, be listened to, and continue to provide the best services to those who need them the most.

  • It maps the current experiences of large not-for-profit Section 39 organisations that the State does not fully fund.
  • The report examines the serious issues eight such providers face, who provide residential, respite and day services for more than 20,000 people with a disability.

What are the findings of Who Cares?

  • The sector is in crisis. After over a decade of underfunding, considerable growth in regulation and compliance requirements, which is incurring huge costs, and operating without a government strategy for its role and future, the sector has become unsustainable.

Who did the research?

  • Dr Chris McInerney, University of Limerick, conducted in-depth interviews with the CEOs of the largest funded Section 39-funded organisations.

What organisations took part?

  • The Rehab Group, the Irish Wheelchair Association, Acquired Brain Injury, Enable Ireland, Ability West, Western Care, Kerry Friends and Parents Association and St. Joseph’s Foundation.
  • Representative organisations and senior officials in the HSE and Department of Health were also interviewed.

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