Wellness Course at NLN

This course is run at our flagship Roslyn Park College at Park House, Stillorgan, Dublin. 

Wellness Foundation is a truly supportive programme that offers people a chance to recover from difficulties, particularly in the area of mental health. We enable you to develop resources to feel better, improve your overall quality of life, and to become more self-aware while exploring your own learning style. We co-create a safe, non-judgemental place, to explore your individual path and story. A sense of safety and belonging promotes personal insight; while being seen and heard, with compassion and caring, feels good. As you complete the course, we support you if you decide to move on, either to another course at NLN Roslyn College or other education or career opportunities.

What happens at Wellness Foundation:

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP): Everyone has the opportunity to complete a personal plan while exploring wellness through the lens of Recovery.

Mindfulness: We use Mindfulness as a tool to promote wellness.

Learning Process: We explore and reflect on the learning process and how to create a positive learning environment.

Minimising Stress: We look at ways of acknowledging the presence of stress in our lives and how to work with and minimise its effects which in turn increases resilience.

Creativity: We explore ways of living creatively even if symptoms are present.

Recovery Star: We use the Recovery Star to map the recovery journey.

Contact us:

Orla and Philip, our Wellness Foundation facilitators, would delighted to meet you and discuss the course in more detail.

Wellness Foundation is a free course, funded by the HSE. Eligibility criteria apply.

Please phone: 087 347 8493, email roslyncollege@nln.ie, or contact the College for more details. To find out more about similar courses across Ireland, please contact your nearest NLN centre.

Certification: ECDL

How to apply

If you are interested in this programme, please contact your nearest centre and we will be in touch as soon as possible

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