Meet Our Staff

Meet some of our staff and get a better understanding of the work that we do…

Siobhán Powell
Community Services Manager (CSM) with RehabCare in Kilkenny

“I manage three services in Kilkenny city which support over thirty people. These include a day service, a resource centre and supported accommodation. My role as CSM is challenging and very diverse. I work with a wide range of individuals who make the centre a lively and exciting place to be. My days are enjoyable, fast-paced and varied and I have the pleasure of working with lots of people who keep me on my toes!

I have essential responsibilities that I must complete on a daily or weekly basis, and these include timesheets, supported accommodation/on-call rotas, status reports, invoicing, key performance indicator monitoring of staff, students and volunteers, health and safety checks for all three services and HR administration tasks. However, I have a very varied role and a ‘typical’ day is hard to quantify and I can safely say that no two days are the same!

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Meet Gillian Fitzpatrick and Shona McCarthy who work in RehabCare’s Regent House in Kilkenny which supports 40 people.