TransitAction – Breaking down barriers

A dedicated team of Rehab Group staff are working closely with our European partners on the rollout of TransitAction, an Erasmus+ European-funded project, coordinated by the European Platform for Rehabilitation (EPR). The aim of TransitAction is to provide young adults with Autism new skills and support in the transition from school to employment. The first outcome of the project is the TransitAction online platform which houses digital tools and practical tips to support young adults with Autism, as well as providing support and advice to families, transition coaches, peers, businesses, co-workers, and other stakeholders.

Three National Learning Network centres, including Tralee, Letterkenny and Limerick, have been vital to the project’s success. All three centres have nominated 2 job coaches who, over the past year, have actively engaged and contributed immensely to TransitAction.

Statistics show that young adults with Autism face greater difficulties than their peers in the transition to employment. Not only do they have more difficulty finding a job but, more generally, this phase represents a moment of particular risk for them, characterised by increased isolation, heightened mental health issues and depression. At the same time, this transition is a particularly difficult phase for guidance counsellors and transition coaches, who often do not have the full complement of skills and knowledge. Additionally, employers often lack the insight and awareness to provide truly inclusive workplaces for young adults with Autism that offer a rich, diverse and effective workforce. Families, carers and communities in general often face complex changes in their responsibilities and require appropriate and relevant supports. TransitAction aims to create more effective resources for young adults with Autism, and other stakeholders, to support them in managing the transition to employment and become actively involved in the process. Visit the TransitAction website to find out more details about the project: