Rehab Group Cyber Attack information:

What happened?

Rehab Group was the recent target of a cyber-attack.  Rehab Group has informed the Data Protection Commissioner.  We also engaged with the National Garda Cyber Crime Bureau and the National Cyber Security Centre from the outset and will continue to do so.  As the position becomes clearer, we are communicating information to advise and educate our stakeholders following this callous attack on our organisation. It is possible that some service user and some employee information may have been accessed.

No evidence of scams related to the attack

Scams involving personal data are common.  They can happen at any time.  However, there is no evidence that any recently reported scams are linked to this cyber-attack.

No evidence of data published online

To date, there is no evidence that staff data or service user data has been published online or used inappropriately.

How can I protect myself?

Cybercrime has become more sophisticated.  Everyone must remain alert to potential scams and requests from third parties for information.  Your best defence is to stay informed, attentive, and secure.  Protect your data, bank details etc., from hackers by being cyber aware. 

Below is a reminder of some helpful tips to protect yourself and your personal data.

  • Be password savvy –.avoid using your address, birth date, phone number or easily recognisable words.  The best passwords are alpha-numeric (using letters and numbers) and at least eight characters in length.
  • Use appropriate privacy settings on your social media profiles – Remember your information is valuable to a fraudster.
  • Do not friend or link with someone on social media unless you know them or have a reason to connect with them.
  • Be very wary of unsolicited phone calls or voicemails.
  • Never divulge personal information until you have validated that the caller is a genuine representative of the organisation they claim to represent.
  • Fraudsters can often have basic information about you in their possession (e.g. name, address, account details).  Please do not assume a caller is genuine because they have these details or claim to represent an organisation you deal with.
  • Your bank or the Gardaí /Police will never ask for the following: Your credit or debit card PIN or full online banking password.

If you would like more information on how to protect yourself here is a helpful link