Refurbished tech from Rehab Recycle for Dublin primary school

Refurbished computer hardware will be put to good use at a primary school in Crumlin in Dublin with the help of Rehab Recycle, the social enterprise which employs people with disabilities.

Mark Maguire, Rehab Recycle manager, delivered a set of desktop computers to the pupils of Scoil Íosagáin recently, saying: “We were contacted by one of the teachers, Kenneth, initially because some teachers in the school were in need of laptop computers, and we were happy to be able to provide them free of charge.”

“Following that, Kenneth told me that he would love to have a PC in every class. Thanks to some of our recycling partners, including Maynooth UniversityAIB, and Bidvest Noonan, we were able to provide 10 fully refurbished desktop computers complete with Windows and MS Office. There are children who will really benefit from access to this technology and will enable them to enhance their digital skills.”

Third class teacher Kenneth said: “We had a computer room, but we now have a permanent computer station in the classrooms; it’s more flexible. With us being a DEIS school, we’re trying to fundraise for so many things all at once, so we only have a small amount of money for ICT. To be able to get low-cost or free computers, it’s a no brainer, it’s a huge help. It means everything to us.”

“For the children, there’s so much more ​engagement with technology. It’s more fun, it’s more interactive, and they get much more out of that. It’s a great motivation. Technology can be very beneficial especially for students with additional support needs because of the particular programmes that they can use. If the class of students are working on something, a student with additional support needs, such as dyslexia, could make use of the computer in the room and continue in their learning with the help of the technology, with programmes that are focussed for them.”

“A student can spend 10 or 15 minutes doing a reading or maths programme, they can spend time with headphones on, and learn word processing skills, research skills, typing skills. It’s another aspect of finding out information. They can access digital programmes that they never had before”, said Kenneth.

Mark said: “Rehab Recycle is delighted to help Scoil Íosagáin by providing refurbished tech that will enhance the educational experience of students, equipment that has been expertly refurbished by our employees, and to top it all, no equipment is wasted in the process”.

Rehab Recycle is a social enterprise that provides employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Rehab Recycle’s goal is that ‘nothing goes to landfill’ and is a market leader in information security management, WEEE recycling, and confidential data and document destruction, pioneering the field since 1984.