As an organisation, our main objective is to improve a person’s quality of life (QoL) when they come to our services. The question has always been, how do we measure the impact of the care, education and the soft supports we provide to the person and their quality of life?

Rehab Group, along with our European partners in the European Platform for Rehabilitation (EPR), have commenced an ERAZMUS Plus funded project called QOLIVET, to develop best practice guidelines, supports and a digital tool to measure a person’s QoL.

Essential to any project is the spirit of collaboration. Rehab Group were the first to host an online training event for a number of colleagues from Rehab and our EPR partner organisations across Europe. These sessions covered a vast range of topics and themes, including an exploration of the principles of universal design and accessibility; the role of the environment in enabling the person; the need to promote inclusion and acknowledging the distinction between mainstreaming and inclusion.

We developed a better understanding of quality of life and started to appreciate the complexity of best practice, staff competencies and how to measure a person’s quality of life. These sessions provided us with real tangible information that will support in progressing the project.

As with any project, it needs a name and logo. We were very lucky that students from John Hibbert’s Creative Media course at NLN Roslyn College took on the challenge of developing a logo for the project.

Six students in total took part in the exercise and submitted their final logo designs. John said that there was a range of designs as each student had their own unique take on the project and what they believed the logo should look like. One student, Barry, reflected on his experience saying, “I really enjoyed meeting the QOLIVET team and being part of this project meant so much to me. I was delighted to be asked to take part in designing a new logo and I will always have my logo design to look back in the future. I would like to thank QOLIVET and John Hibbert, my class tutor, for the chance to be a part of something great”.

One of the students, Tim, had his design chosen as the official logo for QOLIVET, and he was delighted. This logo is used on the new website and all social media platforms when promoting the project across Europe. We would like to take this opportunity to thank student Tim Keogh for creating such a visual logo. This is a great achievement for Tim and for the NLN college.

For more information about the initiative, check out the EPR’s website: www.epr.eu/qolivet