Employer testimonials

Valerie Bennis, Manager of Brambles Cafe at Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience Centre.

 “I work hand-in-hand with Sean Nagle who came to us from NLN on a daily basis and he’s a very valued member of our team. He’s trained well and does his job to the best of his ability. It’s a pleasure to work with him and he takes feedback very well.

“This is a very busy café where staff have to be highly skilled, we’re the second most-visited attraction in Ireland and have a high volume of customers all the time. It’s high pressure so Sean has to be highly trained in every area, he meets customers, he works the till, the coffee station, takes deliveries and does every job every other staff member does.

“All his fellow staff members respect him as a team member, and it’s healthy for all of us to work with people with a variety of abilities”

Lawrence Owens, CEO of Cork Business Association

 “Let’s get out the message that National Learning Network helps businesses of all sizes to remove employer nervousness. This event was a great opportunity for businesses to learn what the NLN does and the support it provides. I would encourage all employers to engage because it’s only by learning about the opportunities that are out there for them that they will be able to look at the situation where someone is living with a disability and distil the ability. When you do that everybody wins – work wins, the employee wins and also the employer wins.”

Marie O’Flynn, Principal Officer, Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, Cork City and County

 “We’re delighted to be partnering with NLN at this event. For me the sign of a good welfare system is where we keep people in employment and off welfare unless they need it as a social protection. One thing that I took away from today is that inclusivity is everything. It’s one thing to be asked to the party but we must ask people to participate. If we can do that as employers, and supporters of employers, then we will have achieved a lot and form a more inclusive society.”