Benefits of NLN to employers

Benefits for Employers. The Business Case for Disability Inclusion

Having a diverse workforce can bring major benefits such as:

  • A wider talent pool in the workforce.
  • Improved inclusive attitude from employees; supporting development and growth.
  • Enhanced reputation as a responsible, progressive and inclusive company or public service.
  • Work Experience – Matching Talented Students with Local Employers

 “I would encourage business owners to give work experiences. I did and met a future employee this way”.

Angela, Angela Deighan’s Montessori School, Virginia,

All our students are learning skills relevant to the labour market to progress to further education, higher education and get jobs.

Work experience is a chance for students to put the vocational skills they are learning in the training centre into practice in a real work environment. For some people a work experience is a first chance to enter a workplace. For other students who have had jobs, a work experience is a chance to transfer their existing skills to a new type of work. In either case, an employer will meet a student who:

  • Already has some skills needed in your workplace
  • Can contribute to the workplace while learning more about a job
  • Will use the learning opportunity to help them get a job or develop a career in the future. This may be with your company; if the company had a vacancy and the student had the skills needed to do the job.
  • Employers who give work experience placements can benefit from
  • Building contact with our training centres, attracting graduates and  reducing recruitment costs
  • Influencing the quality of future employees.

Giving a work experience does not mean an employer must give the student a job.

National Learning Network has a centre in every county in Ireland. Our staff are skilled in working with employers to help match the student with the employer and the role. This matching makes for a successful work experience for everyone. Our staff support students and employers during work experience. It is a real partnership approach to learning in the workplace.

To find out how National Learning Network can support your business, why not visit our Employers’ Frequently Asked Questions page or, email