Based at the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown since 2003, National Learning Network’s Assessment Service is an integral part of the day-to-day services within ITB.

The Assessment Service strives to promote students’ independence and encourage them to develop the skills to see them through their time in college. These skills range from general study skills to anxiety management, social skills and confidence building. The NLN Assessment Service team include an educational psychologist, assistant psychologist and occupational therapist.

The Assessment Service provides a profiling service to all first year students at the ITB. Each student receives feedback on their learning profile, in addition to advice and strategies on effective study methods.

In addition to accommodating students with medical and other support needs that have been referred by Student Services, the Assessment Service team also provides support to the entire student population, so that any student who needs support is welcome to come to the service to make an appointment.

For further information, please call 087-1490640  or