Quest Publications

Rebuilding: Reflections on the Effects of Acquired Brain Injury 

Download Rebuilding, reflections on the effects of an acquired brain injury.

Written by a group of clients who use National Learning Network’s Quest Brain Injury Services in Galway, the book gathers their stories, and those of previous clients and people who work in the area to explain  their experiences and to help people understand their journey. Life after a brain injury may be difficult and confusing and sometimes you may need a bit of help and direction to get back on track. The clients at Quest hope, that by reading their stories, you get a better understanding of acquired brain injury and gain comfort knowing that you are not on your own and that you still have options and a life to lead.

Quest Family/ Career Information Pack

Developed following feedback from Quest clients and their families on the lack of information about head injury, the Quest Family/ Carer Pack, includes information on what to do when a loved one leaves hospital following an acquired brain injury. 

The Quest Family/ Carer Information Pack is intended only as a guide for families and carers in the support of a loved one in the home who has an acquired brain injury. It is advised that your GP and other health professionals are consulted in relation to questions about rehabilitation.