About NLN

About National Learning Network (NLN)

National Learning Network is a progressive leader in the delivery of personalised education, training, and development opportunities for people with disabilities or people requiring additional supports throughout Irish communities. We operate nationally across 50 locations. We support 7,000 students each year across Rehabilitative Training, Specialist Vocational Training and in Education Support Services in Higher Education organisations.

We provide free training and specialised support to individuals who, for various reasons, may need assistance entering the job market. NLN is especially attuned to the needs of those who find traditional post-school study routes challenging, including individuals who may struggle in larger class settings or require additional support, such as those living with autism.

National Learning Network offers students a range of interlinking education and training options, funded by SOLAS and the 16 ETBs, the HSE and a number of Higher Education organisations. All courses we deliver offer mainstream qualifications on the National Qualifications Framework at levels 2-6.

Our flexible training courses for people with a disability, mental health issues, illness or additional support needs. We are the largest private provider of personalised education, training and employment services in Ireland. We meet you where you are and get you where you want to be. We deliver our programmes through blended learning, which means a mixture of on-site and off-site training. NLN welcomes individuals of all ages, from early school leavers to adults of all ages. Our dedicated staff collaborate with employers to match students with the right roles, fostering a supportive environment for personal and professional growth.

Our training programmes span many disciplines, including Art, Administration, Sports and Recreation, Graphic Design, Hospitality Skills, Gaming, Computing and Horticulture. We work with people who experience health conditions, illness, disability, mental health difficulty, trauma, or challenging life circumstances. We support people to make successful transitions, whatever their stage in life.

We can help transition from school to the adult environment with access to vocational training, support with getting a job, recovery and wellness, improving people’s health, enhancing the quality of life and achieving successful inclusion in the community. NLN’s services are aligned with international best practice social and vocational rehabilitation models. You can talk to our experienced staff today about which course best suits your needs. You may want training to find a job, learn some new skills or go on to further education or apprenticeship. Call us today and learn to change your story.

Our programmes include work experience and offer nationally recognised qualifications, including QQI, ECDL, and City and Guilds. These nationally recognised qualifications ensure students are ready to get a job or further education.

Supports offered at NLN

  • Nationally and internationally recognised accredited training and education courses at Levels 2 – 5 on the National Framework of Qualifications including awards from QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland), ECDL and others.
  • Personalised training plans supporting you to achieve your individual goals and ambitions. You learn at your own pace.
  • Key instructors who will act as an extra support should you need it.
  • Wellness programmes ensuring a holistic approach to your continuing personal and professional development. WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning) available if needed.
  • Education, literacy and numeracy supports where required.
  • Information Technology skills training including learning how best to use technology to support your training and education.
  • Access to health, leisure, social and cultural individual and group activities supporting your quality of life and ensuring you enjoy yourself as you build confidence.
  • Access to work experience and to employers that are seeking employees, while fully supported by your Work Experience Co-ordinator.
  • Training in job seeking skills such as CV development, interview skills and job search skills enhancing your chances of employment.
  • Continuous intake, meaning you can start a training course at any time during the year.
  • Online and blended learning including our state-of-the-art online digital learning system, eNLN, which allows you to learn in the comfort of your own home.
  • We will support you to progress to your chosen next step and all of our awards facilitate your progress to further or higher education in Ireland.
  • Representative Council Student Union to support you and your fellow students.

How to access a National Learning Network course

You can access courses in a variety of ways:

  • in your local centre
  • with a local employer
  • even from the comfort of your own home through eNLN

All National Learning Network training programmes are funded through The Educational Training Boards or the Health Service Executive and therefore most students receive an allowance for participation. 

Approximately 90% of students who completed a training programme with us last year went on to further education or training.

Why choose National Learning Network?

At National Learning Network we pride ourselves on the flexibility of our courses, which are all designed to meet the individual needs of each student. We set ourselves apart from other training bodies by addressing all the factors that will affect a student’s prospects of obtaining and retaining a job in their chosen field. Our unique system of training delivery enables students to reach their potential in a manner that takes account of personal, social and environmental requirements.

All of our courses contain community integration initiatives such as work experience participation and involvement with local community activities and events. In addition to centre-based training programmes, students can also avail of Employer-Based Training with host companies or blended learning training programmes that enable students, particularly those with mobility or transport difficulties, to study from home. A comprehensive range of additional supports, such as career planning, personal and social skills and literacy and numeracy, is also available.

Flexi-skills, the name given to National Learning Network’s method of training delivery sets us apart from other organisations. This includes: personalised learning and employment plans, strong labour market focussed training, flexible duration, flexible course content, flexible hours, and blended learning involving in-centre training, employer-based learning and e-learning.

e-Learning is available as standard on all NLN programmes and services. NLN has a state-of-the-art and very user friendly e-learning system that contains thousands of learning and support resources including course notes, training videos, online quizzes, weblinks, discussion forums and more.

Contact your local centre today to find out which courses best suit your needs

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