NLN Model Farm Road Cork City

At NLN in Seward House, Model Farm Road we provide a range of free courses to people who have had an accident, illness, injury or have a disability and extra support needs.

Our courses are tailored to each student’s needs, to help them to build their confidence while getting practical job-seeking skills to help them get a job or go on to further training.

For more information on courses available at NLN on Model Farm Road see below or call the centre today.

Contact: Hannah Plant

Address: Cork Business & Technology Park, Model Farm Road, Cork

Tel: 021 434 1028

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Employability Skills

This course supports young adults, particularly school leavers, to explore the world of work through a combination of Personal Development, Career Preparation and Vocational Exploration. Training delivery is a blend of group work and one to one support for each student. This approach leads to QQI Level 3 certification and/or full or part time paid employment or progression to higher level training and education.

Certification: QQI Level 3 Employability Skills (3M0935)

Employer Based Training

Employer Based Training enables students to acquire practical skills with a host company in the area of their choice. The programme is a combination of on-the-job and in-centre training 60% on-the-job and 40% in-centre. The Employer Based Training instructor supports both the student and the employer. Students choose a vocational training area that interests and suits them and the Employer Based Training instructor finds a suitable Host Company training placement within the vocational area and locality identified by the student.

Certification: QQI Level 4 Employment Skills (4M0857).

Food and Beverage Service

The Food and Beverage course has been specifically developed to enable students to develop the necessary skills in food, beverage and accommodation services in order to get a job in the hospitality sector.

Delivery of training is a blend of on the job and in-centre training with a heavy emphasis on students acquiring skills with a host hotel or other hospitality service. Training is tailored to meet individual needs including both educational and psychological supports.

Students work towards achieving a City & Guilds Level 2 Diploma in Food & Beverage Services. Maximum duration of this programme is one year.

Certification: City & Guilds Level 2 Diploma in Food & Beverage Services- QQI Level 4 Information Technology Skills (4N1125)


Focus is a community based rehabilitative training programme for people experiencing mental health issues. The course aims to enhance student’s physical and mental well-being through personal development, community integration and work experience where you get on the job training.

The course provides students with the skills necessary to enable them to gain greater independence and social integration and the confidence to plan ahead to further education, training and employment.

The Focus Programme is an outreach programme administered by Seward House, but located in Carrigaline, Co Cork and in Midleton, Co Cork.

Certification: QQI Level 3 Employability Skills (3M0935).

Fresh Start

This programme is designed for students who would like the opportunity to make a new beginning and start a new career after a period out of the workforce. It provides students with an environment to achieve greater levels of personal development, to develop IT and business skills and to explore employment or further education opportunities.

Students will be supported to move on to higher level programmes within National Learning Network if they so wish or onto further education or training of their choice. Certification at QQI level 4 is available for all students in-centre and via e-learning. Maximum duration of the programme is 12 months.

Certification: QQI Level 4 General Learning (4M2010).

Information Processing

This programme will provide students with a wide range of office, administrative and IT skills required to work in a modern office environment.

The maximum length of this programme is two years with the first year given over to working towards achieving a QQI level 5 Major Award in Information Processing. The second year consists of work experience placements to support students in their job seeking and workplace skills. Training is delivered using a mix of structured directed training and self-direction using e-learning. Students go on to work in office admin or IT-related areas or move on to higher level education at college.

Certification: QQI Level 5 Information Processing (5M2067).

Sport and Recreation

This programme has been specifically developed to enable students to develop skills on the pathway to finding work in the fitness and leisure industry in Cork. Students move on to level 5 courses and usually look for work in the leisure, fitness, sports related sector, the active holiday tourism industry and health retail sector.

Delivery of training is a blend of training room theory and physical skills based activity, tailored to meet individual needs and inclusive of educational and psychological supports. Students will work towards achieving a QQI level 4 major award in Sport & Recreation. The maximum length of this course is one year.

Certification: QQI Level 4 Sport and Recreation (4M4966).