National Learning Network – Roslyn College

Roslyn College is National Learning Network’s flagship college based across a number of campuses in Dublin. We provide a range of free courses to people who have experienced a setback, have had an accident, a mental health issue, an illness, injury or have a disability and extra support needs.

Our courses are tailored to each student’s needs, to help them to build their confidence while getting practical job-seeking skills to help them get a job or go on to further training.

For more information on courses available at Roslyn College, see below or call the centre today.

Roslyn College is now based across five new locations. 

National Learning Network, Roslyn College, Park House, (Stillorgan, Co Dublin)
National Learning Network, Roslyn College, Wolfe Tone Street ((Griffith College, Campus D1)
National Learning Network, Roslyn College, South Circular Road (Griffith College campus D8)
National Learning Network, Roslyn College, Liberties (Liberties College campus, Bull Alley, D8)
National Learning Network, Roslyn College, Aungier Street (TUD campus, Aungier Street, D2)

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Contact: Secretary: John Scully, Gina Maloney

Address: Campuses at Roslyn College, Park House Training Centre, Stillorgan Park Avenue, Stillorgan, Co Dublin, A94 R6TO, Roslyn College, 25 Wolfe Tone Street, Dublin 1 and four other Dublin city locations

Tel: 01 261 3400

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Duration: Two years, National Learning Network, Roslyn College, Park House, (Stillorgan, Co Dublin)
For students with artistic talent, who want to develop their skills further and/ or are considering going to Art College, Artlink could be the course for you. The course excels at portfolio preparation for college application and will aid students in the development of a visual creative process unique to them. The improvement in skills will help prepare students for employment in the visual arts. Students will explore working with different materials and learn to express themselves creatively. The research and problem solving skills learned on the course can be brought into any walk of life and they will help students to build their confidence and motivation


Certification: QQI Level 5 Art, Craft & Design (5M1984).

Business Administration

Duration: Two years: Delivered at Roslyn College, Wolfe Tone Street (Griffith College Campus)
This flexible course will equip the student with a wide range of Business, Computer and Digital Skills, which are much sought after in the modern workplace. Students will get the opportunity to use applications from Microsoft Office ™ suite, Internet, Social Media platforms, Marketing, Email and payroll software such as SAGE ™. These additional Digital skills will greatly
enhance the students’ job prospects or progression on to further education. The programme also benefits from regular guest speaker visits, which come from a wide range of well-known companies and organisations. Students get to work at their own pace and will get the opportunity of a work placement. No prior knowledge of the modules is required and a wide variety of student supports are available


Certification: QQI Level 5 Office Administration (5M1997) and QQI Level 4 Office Skills (4M2070).

Catering Including Barista Training

Duration: Two years: Delivered at National Learning Network, Roslyn College, South Circular Road (Griffith College campus D8)
For students who are interested in a career in the catering and food service industry. This employment sector is rapidly expanding and requires applicants with hands-on training in catering and food service skills. In addition, students
will have the opportunity to practice the skills they have learned on work placements with employers.

Certification: QQI Level 4 Catering Support (4M2805).

Performing Arts

Duration: Two years, delivered at National Learning Network, Roslyn College, Aungier Street (TUD campus D2 )

This is the course for people who have an interest in performance, whether in acting or working backstage. This course is structured to allow students to obtain acting techniques, professional skills and develop the academic background necessary for further studies or work in theatre, television or film. Students will be introduced to professionals and see them at work. Going to cultural events and performances and visits by guest lecturers are all part of the course.

Certification: QQI Level 5 Performing Arts (5M5151).

Computer Programming and Game Design

Duration: Two years.
This course blends the creative and technical aspects of game design with software development and coding. Students will learn how to design, develop and maintain software, and create 2D & 3D graphics for use in the development of their own
games using industry standard software like Blender and Unity. This flexible course can be tailored to suit a variety of programming and other IT interests. This course is designed for beginners looking for a career in software or games development, and offers progression options to Universities and Institutes of Technology.

Certification: QQI Level 5 Software Development (5M0529).

Step Up

Duration: 18 months, delivered at Roslyn College, Wolfe Tone Street (Griffith College Campus)
This course is designed so that students can be provided with a mix of social skills, personal effectiveness and career exploration that allows them to make realistic and informed decisions based on their strengths and abilities.
Literacy and numeracy are also addressed to allow students to progress in time to higher level of certifications or employment. Maximum duration of the course is 18 months

Certification: QQI Level 3 Employability Skills (3M0935).

Wellness Foundation

Duration: One year part time or full time course: Delivered at National Learning Network, Roslyn College, Park House, (Stillorgan, Co Dublin)

Wellness Foundation offers people a chance to recover from difficulties, feel better about themselves and improve the overall quality of their life. Students can become more self-aware and find out about their own learning style. Students may then prepare to move on, either to another course in Roslyn Park College or to another opportunity

Creative Media and Game Design

This exciting new programme focuses on creative design encompassing Graphics, Web and game design. It is suited to enthusiasts who would like to pursue a career in the design industry. The course focuses on all the aspects of design and idea development for the production of graphics for print, web and games.


Duration: 2 Years delivered at Roslyn College, Wolfe Tone Street (Griffith College Campus)


Modules Include:


  • Graphic Design
  • Communications
  • Computer Illustrated Graphics
  • Work Experience
  • Design Skills
  • Image Processing
  • Multimedia Authoring
  • Web Authoring
  • Game Analysis Design




Graduates from this programme can further their studies with a  HDip in Multimedia and web design, Interactive digital media production, Computer Games and Interactive Entertainment Development and  Interactive Digital Media Production.



Certification: QQI Level 5 Creative Media (5M5048)

Sports and Recreation

Duration: Two years, National Learning Network, Roslyn College,  South Circular Road, (Griffith College campus) 

Provides students with the skills, knowledge & attitudes to gain employment in the sports and leisure industry. The course includes practical training skills in the colleges’ sports facility and work experience opportunities in gyms & leisure or community centres. Students work through modules at their own pace. Assessment is continuous; through assignments and projects.

Certification: QQI Level 5 Sports Recreation and Exercise (5M5146), QQI Level 4 Sports and Recreation (4M4966).

College Foundation

Duration: 18 months delivered at Roslyn College, Wolfe Tone Street (Griffith College Campus)
College Foundation allows students to consider all their educational options. It is a gateway to college life which enables students to pursue their interests and develop their abilities. On completion of College Foundation students have the opportunity to progress on to level 4 and level 5 specific skills courses, within the college, Further Education or the workplace. The course allows you to work in small groups with individual attention, you work to your own plan and activities include; Thinking about possible careers, getting ready for training, further education or the workplace, self-advocacy and citizenship, staying well

Certification: QQI Level 4 General Learning (4M2010).

College Start

Duration: 18 months delivered at Roslyn College, Wolfe Tone Street (Griffith College Campus)
The benefit of this training course is that it is designed for students who would like the opportunity to make a new beginning, build their confidence and explore career opportunities. It provides students with an environment to achieve greater levels of personal development, to develop IT and business skills and to explore employment or further education opportunities. Students will be supported in progressing to Level 4 and 5 courses locally or to further education or training of
choice. Students will have the opportunity to complete the following modules at Level 3 or 4.

Certification: QQI Level 3 Employability Skills (3M0935), QQI Level 4 Employment Skills (4M0857).

Retail Skills

Duration: Two years, delivered at National Learning Network, Roslyn College, Park House, (Stillorgan, Co Dublin)
This is a retail course which runs for two years. It includes barista and cash register training within the college while also studying QQI Level 4 modules. Students will also work with their tutor in gaining work experience outside of
the college throughout the course.

Certification: QQI Level 4 Retail Skills (4M1998).


Duration: Two years, delivered at National Learning Network, Roslyn College, Park House, (Stillorgan, Co Dublin)
This course combines practical and theoretical learning to provide students with a comprehensive set of horticultural skills to get a job in plant nurseries, garden centres, landscape companies, golf clubs, parks and a range of related areas.
These skills are complemented by general skills such as work experience in a horticultural environment, to give participants an opportunity to apply learning in a real work setting.
Students, working at their own pace and using their own learning style, choose eight QQI modules leading to a QQI Level 4 Major Award in Horticulture.

This is recognised both nationally and internationally and helps students progress to employment or further training. Certification is achieved by continuous assessment through practical assignments and projects. Students learn through the medium of group classes, practical demonstrations, individual practice and assignments. Each student can avail of a wide range of supports throughout the course

Certification: QQI Level 4 Horticulture (4M1994).

Computer Systems and Networks

Duration: Two years, delivered at National Learning Network, Roslyn College, D2  (TUD campus, Aungier Street, Dublin )

This is a practical based IT course. It is designed to give participants a working knowledge of computer systems and a proficiency in office productivity tools. In addition, participants will acquire the skills necessary to implement and support PC systems and networks. From building networks and PCs to spreadsheets and databases, front and back office skills are developed to give participants a broad platform to progress their career. Graduates can use the knowledge and skills learned to assist a business run efficiently as this is an essential element in every organisation. They can also work in technical support, responding to customer technical support queries, financial institutions, call centres, and government departments.

QQI graduates are eligible to apply to institutes of technology and universities for follow-on courses in their preferred field of study. Core Modules include: Computer Systems Hardware, Network Essentials, Maths for Information Technology, Virtualisation Support, Operating Systems, Programming & Design Principles, Communications and work experience.

Certification: QQI Level 5 Computer Systems and Networks (5M0536)