National Learning Network – Hollyhill Cork City

At NLN in Hollyhill we provide a range of free courses to people who have had an accident, illness, injury or have a disability and extra support needs.

Our courses are tailored to each student’s needs, to help them to build their confidence while getting practical job-seeking skills to help them get a job or go on to further training.

For more information on the specific courses available at NLN in Hollyhill see below or call the centre today.

Contact: Eugene Higgins

Address: Hollymount Industrial Estate, Hollyhill, Cork

Tel: 021 430 0144

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Catering and Culinary Skills

This programme is designed to support students to get the knowledge and skills needed to get a job in the Catering and Hospitality Sector or alternatively to move on to further training and education.

Certification: City & Guilds Level 2 Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Food Production and Cooking /Catering – City & Guilds Level 2 Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Kitchen Services (7132-14)

Computer Networks & Information Technology Systems

The Computer Networks and Information Technology Systems course is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to gain confidence with modern computerised architecture, software, and networking technologies that are used in desktops, servers and mobile computing systems.

This is achieved by covering a broad range of IT areas that provide grounding in computing technologies, eg. operating systems, hardware, Cybersecurity, networking, mobile devices and Troubleshooting.

It enables participants to obtain employment in the Information and Communications Technology sector, e.g. IT Support Administrator, PC Repair Technician, Networking Technician, IT Technical Support and or to progress onto a number of Further Education Training and Third Level courses. This course will help you to pass the CompTIA ITF+ U61 and Comptia A+ exam with flying colours.

This course can lead to a City and Guilds Major Award Certificate in ICT Systems and Principles or a Major Award in CompTIA A+ or CompTIA IT Fundamentals or CompTIA Cloud Essentials

Please contact NLN Hollyhill to find out which course best suits your needs.

Certification: Comptia A+ / Comptia ITF+ U61. City and Guilds Level 2 and 3 in ICT Systems and Principles (7540-12) (7540-13)


Provides students with a range of personal, social and work related skills which helps them achieve greater levels of independence and to play a more active role in their communities. Students also experience improved health and social gain, as they identify achievable goals leading on to further training, education or employment.

Certification: Leading to QQI Level 3 Major Award

Employer Based Training

Employer Based Training enables students to acquire practical skills with a host company in the area of their choice. The programme is a combination of on-the-job and in-centre training 60% on-the-job and 40% in-centre. The Employer Based Training instructor supports both the student and the employer. Students choose a vocational training area that interests and suits them and the Employer Based Training instructor finds a suitable Host Company training placement within the vocational area and locality identified by the student.

Certification: QQI Level 4 Employment Skills (4M0857).


Focus is a pathway to mental health recovery. A person-centred programme for people with mental health issues.

Informed by the Recovery Model, it works to enhance a student’s quality of life by improving their physical and mental wellbeing and supporting their integration into the community.

The Programme Team provide a supportive environment for students and a chance to develop their self-awareness and to learn new coping skills, bringing about real change in their lives. The programme also supports students to be clear as to their future options using a range of centre and community based activities. Student are supported to move on to higher level programmes within National Learning Network, or on to further education or training of their choice or making a return to work.

This course is delivered in our satellite centres in Midleton or Penrose Wharf (Cork city).

Certification: QQI level 3

Next Step

Next Step is a one year programme for school leavers aged 18 to 25 years with a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum. It supports students to develop a range of personal and social skills that will enhance their chances of progressing to further education or employment.


Aims to give students the opportunity to take stock of where they are at in their lives and to provide them with a range of personal, social and work-related skills so as to help them to progress to greater levels of independence and community integration.

Students can progress onto further training/education, employment or other options that may suit their needs. Students should also achieve a health and social gain in their lives.

*Note this course is held in our satelite centre in Mallow, Co. Cork

Retail Skills

A flexible course that is designed to enable students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to get a job in the retail sector, such as working as a sales assistant.

The course is a mix of on-the-job and in-centre training. The course co-ordinator supports both the student and employer. Skills in the workplace are gained through a combination of practical demonstration, instruction and supervised practice.

Students progress through the programme at a pace which is suited to their individual needs and abilities.

Certification: QQI Level 4 Retail Skills (4M1998).

Better Barista

This is a brand new course for coffee enthusiasts, budding baristas or anyone that is interested in the hospitality sector or has a desire to work in specialty coffee.


We will give you all the tools and support you need to keep progressing forward and become a professional barista. We work closely with our local business partners to offer you excellent employment opportunities through work placement.

Course duration: 12 weeks


Modules include: Barista Training, Food Safety Training (HACCP Level 1 Certificate), History & Production of Coffee, Operation of Equipment, Drink Building Techniques, Customer Service, Food Safety and Hygiene, Teamworking, Communications, Work Experience, CV and Interview Skills. Supported modules include: Allergen Awareness Training, Job-Seeking Skills, Personal Effectiveness, Stress Management


Certification: City & Guilds International Award in Barista Skills (7102-52)

Skills 4 Life

Skills 4 Life is a brand new course aimed at young adults (16+). This course covers a wide variety of subjects and gives students the opportunity to learn, explore and understand how technology can be used to enhance their everyday life and open up new job opportunities. We explore how technologies e.g. Podcasting, Music Production, Editing, etc. can be used from anywhere with an internet connection. Students also have the opportunity to combine centre-training with online training through our e-learning website which will give you access to a combination on online subjects and resources. This course has a mix of practical and new skills.


Modules include: Internet Skills, Digital Media, Career Preparation, Podcasting, Photo & Video Editing, Communication Skills, Music Production. Supported Modules include: Creative Exploration, Confidence Building, Personal Development, Work Experience, Job Seeking Skills, Literacy & Numeracy Supports, Health & Wellbeing.

Certification: QQI Level 3 in Employability Skills (3M0935)