Rehab Enterprises Galway

For more than 20 years, Rehab Enterprises Galway has provided both large multinational and SME customers with cost saving, bespoke value added logistics services.

We have a proven record of delivering cost savings to our customers along with a highly flexible collaborative approach. Our highly experienced team bring a wealth of knowledge from developing systems for both start- ups through to established manufacturers.  

Kitting & Value Added logistics

You can save costs on inventory, direct labour and valuable plant floor space by moving your kitting off-site

We provide complete, off-site kitting service from the direct purchase and supply chain management of your raw components through to assembly into kits and onto delivery to exact points of use on your plant floor. We also provide:

  • Storage and FIFO stock management.
  • Fulfilment and management of onsite Kanban locations on your plant floor.
  • Electronic assembly including function testing.
  • Sourcing of raw components/parts including packaging.
  • Proven track- record of service with SMEs & multinational customers.
  • Highly responsive customised service.
  • Customisable ERP Tools.
  • ISO Certification.
  • Heat – seal Packaging Services  
  • Retail Product assembly and heat- sealing service.
  • Highly responsive customised service.
  • Customised to seal both light and heavy product.
  • Printing and applying of customised product labels.
  • Storage of product including batch control & FIFO.

Value Added Services

  • De-trash, rework & repackaging of obsolete /rejected products.
  • Destruction of sensitive obsolete packaging.
  • Printing & applying of customised product labels.
  • Sub-assembly & testing of product.


Rehab Recycle (Galway)

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