Residential Services

Portrait of the smiling woman

Sorcha Keogan

Residential Service Manager

RehabCare Midwest

“My day-to-day job is varied and busy and mostly involves meeting with team leaders in the services, reviewing care notes for the people we support and care for, reviewing action plans for people in our services and ensuring these plans are being driven out and implemented.

I also provide supervision and support for staff and team leaders and conduct audits to ensure quality services are delivered.  I also work directly with the people who we support, the residents who live in the house. I greatly enjoy working in direct care and delivering their programmes. A big part of my job is working with and supporting the families of people in our care. That could mean ongoing daily communication, or email communication to ensure families know how their loved one is progressing.

A very important part of my role is to make sure that our services are HIQA compliant and that we are in line with the regulations as stipulated in the Health Act 2007. I need to ensure that we are meeting all of the standards required of us. The best part of my job, and the bit I love the most, is building support teams. I love working with our service users and watching them thrive.

I love getting programmes up and running and seeing how they change people’s lives for the better. It is so rewarding to watch a person thrive in our services. Then after a year when you look back you can specifically measure what that person has achieved, how much their life has improved and which new skills they have acquired to enable them to live more independently. It gives me such pleasure to see people’s confidence grow so much that they are able to go out and access the community for the first time, learn new skills, dress themselves, prepare meals, and be able to tolerate people in their company. This is achieved through a team approach which is why I love working as part of a team dedicated to ensuring everyone in our service gets a chance to thrive, achieve and shine.”