RehabCare is delighted to announce that its CareLink service has been shortlisted for the prestigious Homecare/Assisted Living Provider award at the Irish Healthcare Centre Awards. This nomination recognises CareLink’s longstanding commitment to providing high-quality, person-centred care and support to older persons and people with disabilities across Ireland.

Established in 1997, CareLink has evolved over the years to meet the diverse needs of its clients, providing nearly 190,000 hours of homecare and assisted living support in 2023 alone. With a focus on person-centred care, CareLink champions its clients’ independence, dignity, and autonomy, ensuring that their views, values, and preferences are actively sought and respected.

Grainne Fogarty, Director of Care at Rehab Group, said: “Our CareLink service embodies our commitment to enabling individuals to live fulfilling lives in their own homes. We are honoured to be recognised for our dedication to providing high-quality, compassionate care that empowers our clients to maintain their independence and quality of life. Being shortlisted for this award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff, who go above and beyond to provide compassionate care that empowers our clients to maintain their independence and quality of life.”

CareLink’s home-based services are renowned for their flexibility and responsiveness to individual needs. They provide support with activities of daily living, community participation, and social and leisure activities. From supporting children to older persons and individuals living with disabilities, CareLink’s tailored homecare packages are designed to meet each client’s unique needs.

CareLink operates in regions with a recognised need for home-based care, providing support to communities throughout Dublin, Limerick, Mayo, Monaghan, Sligo, Waterford, Wexford, and Wicklow.

The home-based services are managed by a team of Home-Based Services Managers and care planners, supported by a coordination team of care planners and team leaders. Innovation is central to CareLink’s approach to service delivery. Recent innovations include the rollout of the CareFree GPS Portal to improve communication between clients, Home Support Workers, and coordination teams.

CareLink’s commitment to staff training and development is reflected in its comprehensive induction program and ongoing training modules. Staff members receive formal supervision, telephone support, and 24/7 on-call assistance, ensuring they are equipped to deliver high-quality care to clients.

RehabCare’s commitment to regulatory compliance ensures that CareLink’s homecare services operate at the highest standards of governance and oversight.

The service has a profound impact on the community, enabling individuals to maintain their independence and stay connected to their local communities. By supporting older persons, people with disabilities, and their families, CareLink is vital in enhancing the social and economic well-being of communities across Ireland.

Looking to the future, CareLink is committed to further enhancing its services to meet the evolving needs of the community and future generations. This includes upskilling support teams, adapting

service structures to changing client requirements, and investing in IT and assistive technology to improve service delivery. These initiatives reflect CareLink’s proactive stance and dedication to continuous improvement.

Client feedback is integral to CareLink’s continuous improvement efforts, with feedback actively sought and used to inform service reviews and future planning. Client testimonials highlight the exceptional care and support provided by CareLink’s dedicated staff, underscoring the service’s commitment to excellence.


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