The Elevate Day Service, a unique offering from RehabCare, is tailored for individuals aged 18 to 35 with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities, physical and sensory disabilities, and dual diagnosis. In recognition of the increasing importance of digital connectivity for this demographic, RehabCare has pioneered a comprehensive program. This innovative initiative empowers individuals to navigate the digital landscape safely and confidently, setting a new standard in disability support.

RehabCare proudly announces that its Elevate Day Service in Sligo has been shortlisted for the prestigious Best Use of Information Technology at the Irish Healthcare Centre Awards.

The initiative was a collaborative effort, born out of a pressing need to address complex safeguarding concerns related to social media usage. A dedicated team at the Elevate Day Service, in close collaboration with other departments, developed the program in response to a safeguarding incident. This collective effort underscores RehabCare’s commitment to addressing societal challenges and providing accessible resources to support safe online access and guidance for staff.

Extensive research informed the development of the program, which covers a wide range of topics, including online safety, privacy settings, digital citizenship, and cyberbullying. The programme’s structure and content were crafted based on insights gathered from reputable sources, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for all participants.

Director of Care at Rehab Group Grainne Fogarty said, “At RehabCare, we strive to create inclusive and empowering environments where individuals can thrive. The Elevate program reflects our dedication to leveraging technology to enhance the lives of those we serve, promoting independence, safety, and meaningful social connections. Congratulations to the team at Elevate for this fantastic initiative. “

Delivered over six weeks using multimedia tools and interactive quizzes, the program has yielded significant results. Evaluation reports indicate a remarkable improvement in participants’ awareness of cyber safety, With a notable increase in their knowledge and understanding of online risks and best practices. These positive outcomes underscore the effectiveness of the Elevate program in enhancing the digital literacy and safety of individuals with disabilities.

The programme’s positive impact extends beyond individual participants, benefiting the organisation as a whole. Staff members report increased engagement and positive interaction during sessions, with plans to expand the program to other services within RehabCare. Testimonials from participants highlight the program’s effectiveness in promoting inclusive learning and practical steps taken to enhance online security.

Looking ahead, RehabCare remains committed to further enhancing its services to meet the community’s growing demands. Plans include sharing learnings and resources with other

organisations and supporting individuals with disabilities in navigating the digital world safely and independently.


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