Rehab Group informed the Data Protection Commissioner that it has been the victim of a cyber-attack on some of its systems. 

Our teams continued to work over the Bank Holidays and through the weekend to fully assess the nature and effect of the Cyber Attack on our data centre servers. Our Serious Incident Management Team are continuing to work with cyber security experts to resolve this issue. The matter is now contained, with forensic investigation work underway and continuing through the weekend.  There is still no evidence as yet that data has been accessed from the servers or any evidence of financial loss.  

We have informed the HSE, our regulators and all other stakeholders.  We have also engaged with the National Garda National Cyber Crime Bureau and the National Cyber Security Centre and are deploying our full resources to bring our systems safely back online. 

The people who use, work and live in our services are our number one priority. To date, there has been no disruption to services and we will work to ensure this remains the case.

We will continue to engage with all of our employees, people who use our services and key stakeholders throughout the coming days to ensure everyone remains updated.