Are you a school leaver?

Have you left school and are confused about what to do next?

There are no CAO points needed for any of our training courses, making NLN the ideal choice if you have left school, but are unsure of your next step.  We offer:

  • Nationally recognised qualifications such as QQI or City & Guilds
  • Individual training plans
  • No CAO points needed
  • Free training
  • If you need extra support to continue with further training NLN provides a range of flexible training courses, that can help you get a job or go on to further education

At National Learning Network, we pride ourselves on the flexibility of our courses, which are all designed to meet the individual needs of each student. We set ourselves apart from other training bodies by addressing all the factors that will affect a student’s prospects of obtaining and retaining a job in their chosen field. Our unique system of training delivery enables students to reach their potential in a manner that takes account of personal, social and environmental requirements.

Mental Health Services

Over the past number of years, National Learning Network has significantly increased its development of services for people with mental health difficulties. In line with the Government policy ‘A Vision for Change’, the organisation has embarked on the development of best practice services incorporating a recovery ethos. This means that the service is geared around the recovery of each person and how best this can be achieved.

Our mental health services now include Personal Recovery Programmes (including WRAP etc.) and we have also developed Wellness for Mental Health Programmes. Our services have been developed within the community and offer courses that meet the demands of each person regardless of where they are on their recovery journey.

National Learning Network provides mental health services within its extensive range of QQI accredited courses across a range of levels. All of our managers, instructors, rehabilitation officers, resource teachers, social skills facilitators, psychologists and advocacy officers have had extensive training in this field.

Student Representation

National Learning Network believes strongly in students being able to express their needs and goals. The National Representative Council (NRC) enables National Learning Network students to play a full role in decisions made about the services that they receive. Every student is automatically a member of the NRC.

The purpose of the NRC is to ensure that the needs and wishes of National Learning Network students are represented in decision-making at all levels of the organisation. At local level, each National Learning Network training centre has a representative committee made up of students from each course. These committees meet regularly and liaise with staff and managers to address issues of importance to students.

The NRC is facilitated by dedicated staff who provide supports to local committees to enable them to play an active role in policy and decision-making within National Learning Network and the wider Rehab Group.

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