Ciaran Blackson

Ciaran Blackson, Operative, Rehab Recycle, Tallaght

Ciaran Blackson, an Operative at Rehab Recycle Tallaght, has been training and working with Rehab for twenty-two years and uses his signing to help non-signing staff communicate with those who have hearing difficulties.

I have been training and working with Rehab for 22 years and first did a course with National Learning Network called Vocational Multi Skills – as part of that I worked on German televisions, removing and replacing the parts that changed the language of the television from German to English. After that I did an Electronic Assembly course. Completing both courses gave me a lot of confidence and helped my communication skills.

Ciaran Blackson, Operative, Rehab Recycle, Tallaght
Ciaran Blackson, Operative, Rehab Recycle, Tallaght

My first job with Rehab was with Harrison Foods, in the packing area. About ten of the people I worked with there, making and packing jam, are still working with me in Tallaght today. Then we started assembling electronics – making up boards and assembling components and sending them to Rehab Logistics in Limerick. I got asked to spend a week in Limerick to learn about what they were doing and to relate it back to what we were doing in Dublin.

My current role in Rehab Recycle, Tallaght, is made up of day-to-day administration work, including paperwork, certificates and filing, and helping out in the warehouse.

I started learning sign language when I was about 18 when I made friends with a deaf girl on my road. It was difficult but you have to persevere and practice so that you become more confident. At Rehab Recycle I help staff members who sign to communicate with other people in the company. I have also completed courses on manual handling and health and safety and got my forklift driving licence with the help of Rehab. Since the facility was upgraded it’s a nicer place to work than it was before. It’s brighter, warmer and cleaner, with more space, and there is a very happy atmosphere.

Promise it to Rehab Recycle is a great idea because it provides more work for us and helps out charities and schools – we recently won an award for it. I am happy to work here. I try my best to do a good job and look forward to many more years working here